Dr. Jan Schmidt-Brand / CEO & CFO


Prior to joining us as CFO in September 2001, Dr. Jan Schmidt-Brand was Managing Director at EBEWE Arzneimittel GmbH, an Austrian pharmaceutical firm within BASF Pharma from 1997. In that role, he managed the marketing, sales, finance and administrative areas and was responsible for the successful launch of the innovative antiobesity drug Reductil™ and the redesign of EBEWE’s strategy within BASF Pharma. Dr. Schmidt-Brand was previously employed at BASF AG and Knoll AG in various legal, tax and controlling roles and was engaged in several corporate restructuring as well as merger and acquisition projects. Dr. Schmidt-Brand received degrees in law and business administration from the University of Bayreuth, Mannheim and Geneva, respectively.


Dr. Marcel Linssen / CBO


Dr. Marcel Linssen joined the company in 2002. Since 1985, Dr. Linssen has been working for the pharmaceutical industry in various senior management positions with a focus on strategic marketing.


Prof. Dr. Andreas Pahl / CSO


Prof. Dr. Andreas Pahl joined the company in September 2012. Professor Pahl has 20 years’ experience in research and teaching – most recently in industry at Nycomed and Takeda – and excellent expertise in pharmacology, toxicology and pharmacokinetics. Professor Pahl will continue to teach pharmacology and toxicology at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.