News & Events


September 2017

Heidelberg Pharma to Present the Proprietary ATAC Technology Platform at the Annual World ADC Summit […]

June 2017

Heidelberg Pharma has signed an exclusive multi-target research agreement with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited […]

January 2017

Heidelberg Pharma Exercises Option on BCMA Antibodies of the Max Delbrück Center and Signs License Agreement […]


October 2016

Heidelberg Pharma and Nordic Nanovector Enter into Collaboration to Develop Novel Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADC) […]

September 2016

Heidelberg Pharma contracts Suisse CDMO Celonic for antibody cell line development and antibody production […]

Heidelberg Pharma signs Option Agreement with Max Delbrück Center […]

June 2016

European Patent Office grants patent for the chemical synthetic building block dihydroxyisoleucine for the production of Amanitin […]

June 2016

Advanced Proteome Therapeutics Corporation and Heidelberg Pharma collaborate to create improved cancer therapeutics […]

June 2016

WILEX AG today announced that Professor Andreas Pahl has been appointed to the company’s Executive Management Board to serve as the new Head of Research and Development […]

February 2016

US-patent office granted patent for amatoxin conjugates for tumour therapy […]


August 2015

WILEX AG announces discontinuation of collaboration between its subsidiary Heidelberg Pharma and Roche […]

April 2015

Results of Heidelberg Pharma’s research cooperation with M.D. Anderson Cancer Center published in Nature journal […]

February 2015

Heidelberg Pharma, a wholly owned subsidiary of WILEX AG, has been awarded a research grant from the European Union as part of the European Training Network (ETN) MAGICBULLET […]

January 2015

Heidelberg Pharma, a wholly owned subsidiary of WILEX AG, receives research grant for development of PSMA antibody drug conjugates […]


October 2014

Heidelberg Pharma, a wholly owned subsidiary of WILEX AG, extends research collaboration with Roche […]

January 2014

Heidelberg Pharma is very pleased to invite you to a Taconic Webinar on »Human TNF-α Transgenic Mouse Model of Spontaneous Arthritis« presented by our CSO, Prof. Dr. Andreas Pahl.
Audiorecording and presentation slides are available at Taconic’s website or at this website.


September 2013

Heidelberg Pharma, a wholly owned subsidiary of WILEX AG, signs license agreement for the development of Antibody Targeted Amanitin Conjugates (ATACs) with Roche […]

May 2013

Heidelberg Pharma has relaunched its website Heidelberg Pharma to provide visitors with a clear understanding of the pre-clincal services offered by Heidelberg Pharma. The new website includes more in-depth information about Heidelberg Pharma’s ADC technology.