Molecular biology

To profile your compound on anti-tumor or anti-inflammatory efficacy, proliferation assays in various forms (BrdU, MTT, WST, LDH) are routinely in use. The same applies for studying apoptosis (Sub-G0/G1, annexin/PI, DNA – fragmentation, Caspase activation etc.) or autophagy. For this purpose, including cell cycle analysis, we have over 100 tumor cell lines available in-house.

Our molecular biology unit is specialized in evaluating and validating signal transduction pathways. Their armamentarium includes a broad range of standard assays and more advanced techniques and methods to explore protein target expression in cell lines and tissues, both before and after drug exposure in vitro and in vivo. Our capability of relating response or non-response to drug candidates and / or clinical references to protein expression profiles or protein functionality could be of particular interest.

Complementary to efficacy and signal transduction assays are several in vitro assays to predict the ADME properties of your compound.