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Making the compound Amanitin available for cancer therapies

Our mission is to research and develop drugs for cancer patients to provide them
with a targeted, tailor-made and highly effective treatment option

ADC Drug Development

We use the active ingredient Amanitin from the death cap mushroom for cancer therapies by researching, producing and clinically developing so-called Antibody Amanitin Conjugates.

ATACs belong to the class of Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs), which combine the high affinity and specificity of antibodies with the efficacy of small toxic molecules to fight cancer.


PR: Heidelberg Pharma Provides Update on Phase I/IIa Clinical Trial with Lead Candidate HDP-101
19 September 2023
PR: Heidelberg Pharma’s Partner Takeda Reached Development Milestone
08 August 2023
PR: Heidelberg Pharma Reports on First Half-Year 2023 and the Course of Business
13 July 2023
AH: Heidelberg Pharma Sells Minority Shareholding in Emergence Therapeutics
29 June 2023

Meet us

20th IMS Annual Meeting
27 September 2023
Festival of Biologics
10 October 2023
World ADC San Diego
16 October 2023
LSX Investival Showcase
13 November 2023

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19 July 2023
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