Dear Vendor,

Submitting your invoices per PDF gives you a quick and cost-efficient method of providing your billing information to us and the invoice quality is a key factor for short processing times and fast payments.

Due to security reasons and fraud prevention Heidelberg Pharma will only accept electronic invoices to dedicated addresses (see below) and from familiar sending domains, so please provide us with your sending domain or email address, e.g., in advance.

Below please find our quality standards for invoices submitted which are essential for improving invoice processing times. The standards are also available as PDF document.

Please contact us directly if you are interested in electronic invoicing via ZUGFeRD or XRechnung.

We thank you very much for your cooperation!

Invoice Quality Requirements

  • The correct purchase order ID number is stated on the invoice

  • The billing address is identical to the billing address quoted on the purchase order

  • The gross, net and tax amounts are stated on the invoice

  • Quantity and type (usual commercial description) of the delivered items or the scope and type of
    the performed services are included

  • Your VAT ID, as well as your company name and complete address are stated on the invoice

  • All additional information required by law, e.g. note on exemption or fulfillment date, is included

Additional requirements for the exceptional case of an invoice without reference to a purchase order

Enter the following references additionally to the quality requirements on the invoice:

  • Email of the requestor (e.g. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

  • Contract/Agreement reference

Requirements for sending invoices in PDF format per email

In addition to the general and legal requirements for invoices there are also requirements for sending us the PDF document.

Creating the document

Please do not send scanned documents - The PDF file must be created directly from the application (ERP, Excel, Word...) via print function.

Document / File conventions

  • Type: Only unencrypted files/documents with the PDF format will be accepted and processed

  • Name: The file name should not contain the following special characters (\ / : * ? „ < > |)

  • Size: The file should have a maximum of 40 MB per PDF

Content convention:

  • Please send only one invoice per PDF file (you may send us several PDF-invoices in one email)

  • Do not split invoices with more than one page into separate PDF documents

  • Send any attachments with information relevant to the invoice in the same PDF document. The invoice should be placed on the first page of the PDF document.

Email conventions

  • Each Heidelberg Pharma entity has a unique email address for PDF-invoices which can be found in
    the table below.

  • Please send only invoices, cancellation invoices or credit notes to the dedicated email addresses.

  • Apart from invoices, cancellation invoices or credit notes notes please send your request to the given contact address.

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Thank you very much for your cooperation and your support!

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